Plant Shade Covers

Do You Have Plants that are Sensitive to Bright Light?

If you’re an avid gardener, you would be aware that many plants require shade to protect them from bright sunlight. However, savvy gardeners also use shade covers in winter to avoid their plants from getting winter burn, also known as ‘sunscald.’ At PVC Wales, we offer you plenty of plant shade cover options, ensuring that your investment never goes to waste.

Using plant cover in gardens is a brilliant way to offer shade for your plants. The plant shade cover comes in several materials of different colors, strengths, and weights, including UV-stabilized polyethylene covers, aluminum shade cloth and netting. At PVC Wales, we take care of all your plant protection needs.

Sunscreen Your Plants

While cutting your plants is an enjoyable experience in spring, the same cannot be said about summer. As summer approaches, the temperature begins to rise, requiring you to water your plants more frequently. But, have you ever thought of putting ‘sunscreen’ on your plants? I bet not. With plant shade covers of PVC Wales, you can provide shelter to your plants. In turn, this would save you energy and water, while also making your plants healthier and grow faster. Well, now is the right time to invest in a plant cover and select the right one from PVC Wales to protect your plants from sunburn.

Primarily, plant shade cover was used to protect plants from the harsh, hot clime. It currently has numerous applications in the agriculture, leisure and sport, industrial, commercial, horticulture, and domestic industries.

It is quite easy too! Just place the shade on the ground or in a potted plant, pointing it toward the sun to bathe plants in diffused, gentle light during the hottest hours of the day.

Choose a Shaded Mesh to Control Sunburn

Using a shade mesh can be a good solution to reduce sunburn for plants, decreasing the amount of radiation that reaches the plants. This is because these shades can reflect the incoming solar radiation and the air. By using a shade cover, you can modify the appearance of your plants. Plants growing under the shade are found to have more nodes, are taller, and have larger leaves.

Plant shade umbrellas

Witnessing plants getting sunburned is not an unusual phenomenon anymore. In some regions, even full-sun foliage collapses and withers from too many hours of bright light or midday heat. If you currently don’t have any shade cover for your delicate blooms, PVC Wales advice you to create some. Install our plant shade umbrellas from an array of UV protection sun covers that adapt to the limitations of your space and the requirements of your baby peas and heirloom rose bushes.